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Top Ranked Utah SEO Company!  DMR Agency offers the SEO Services will increase your traffic, leads and revenue.

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DMR is one of the top SEO Firms in Utah. DMR stand for Digital Marketing Results. Results is part of our name. We implement our proprietary SEO strategy to rank your websites in Google. We do this faster than any other company in Utah.  

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Results Is What Makes us Different

We provide SEO services but we are more than a SEO company. Ranking at the top of search engines is just the beginning. We can doubling your traffic, but also your leads, and sales.

Marketing Foundation

Proven SEO Strategy

We have 7 years of testing multiple SEO strategies. We know exactly how to improve search rankings.


Increased Traffic

Higher rankings means more traffic from people who are looking for your business or service.

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Grow Your Company

It's all about sales. We convert visitor into leads and leads into sales.

How SEO Can Helps Your Business?

Most businesses wonder how SEO can grow your business? A solid SEO strategy can help you to generate high-quality traffic.

The Traffic coming from search engines is the most powerful traffic. Those visitors are already looking for what you have. Our goal is to put you in front of them. Just Imagine getting most of that traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Don't Waste Money With SEO Companies That Don't Know How to Rank

Trying to decide the best SEO Company? There are a lot of people who say they are SEO experts, but they are not even ranking their own sites. 

At DMR, we utilize a proven, data-driven SEO strategies that attracts leads, converts customers, and helps you grow and scale your business. Once your high-converting website and lead-generation sales funnel are in place, we’ll drive traffic to your site like never before and we will optimize it for sales.

Data Driven Agency

Results is in our name. All our efforts are based with the ultimate goal of grow your business. We develop our SEO strategy, implement it, measure, and optimize it. Our goal is to give you more leads and increase revenue.

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SEO Expert Since 2012

If you’re a start-up or an established brand, and you're looking for an SEO expert, we are the right fit. We can work with you to find the right options to help your business find leads, convert them into customers, and grow your sales.


More than 7 years of Experience


Working with Over 50 Websites

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Ranking over 10,000 Keywods

Our SEO Services

We have the best SEO services in Utah. Everything we do is for a proven reason. We offer services that will rank your site in Google in weeks. Most SEO firms offer copy and paste services that won't work anymore. We know exactly what works today. 

SEO Rankings

Ranking in Google is our number #1 Objecive of everything we do.

Keyword Research

We'll find the most profitable keywords for your business.

Competitor Analysis

We'll make sure you won't have any competitors to worry about.

Technology Factors

We provide the ranking technology for your website.

Silo Structure

We architect your website content using a hierarchy silo-structure

On Page SEO

We wire-frame every page in your site to have the most important SEO elements.

Link Building

We do link building the way Google loves. Our proprietary strategy help us to rank faster.

Reputation Managment

DMR will create a brand that will be positively recognized in Google.

SEO Projects We Take On

We can take in any project that requires search engine optimization. People look for SEO services Utah or Utah lead generation, we can do it. Here are some projects we love to work on.

Lead Generation

We love to generate leads organically, that is our bread and butter. 


We have a killer SEO strategy where we use structure data to rank our products.

Local SEO

We can rank local properties very quickly and show results in a couple of weeks.

National SEO

We can help brands to rank nationally through content strategy and link building.  

We Are The Top Utah SEO Firm

What makes SEO experts? Because we focus in results. Businesses looking for a Utah SEO specialist are looking for search results. If you have a business that means you want to influence the world. To accomplish that you need to have the right strategy.

"I will never start a company without partnering with somebody like DMR"

Randy Larsen, Founder of Monavy Fastest Company to Hit 1 Billion Dollars
5 star Google review
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Katherine Douglas
5 star Google review

This team is probably the most knowledgeable when it comes to Utah SEO. Great price and the results are awesome. I have an amazing experience working with them. Highly recommended!

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Mark Petersen
5 star Google review

Great SEO company! They really know what they are doing and they give me the results I needed. I was in a big need on leads for my business, and now my website gets leads every single day. I can't express how much DMR is doing for my business.

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3 Steps Away to Increase Your Website Traffic


Meet with our team

We meet to understand your business vision and goals.


Make A Plan

Then, we'll send you a customized proposal that outlines your growth road-map. 


Confidently Grow and Scale

We'll help you connect with customers, transform your marketing, and consistently grow your company.

Ready to Growth Your Business?

If you're like the many entrepreneurs that we've worked with, your vision goes far beyond just making money. You want to make a difference in the world. You want to impact and change peoples lives for the better.

If you are looking for SEO services that provides results, let's meet! We're passionate about helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams because we share the same vision: make this world a better place through using our unique talents and abilities. Our proven marketing system can help you help others.

Request a meeting now to start growing your business and make the impact you're meant to make.

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