How SEO Can Grow Your Business

How SEO Can Grow Your Business?

Learn how the power of Search Engine Optimization can help your business to generate more traffic, more leads and sales. SEO is the most powerful way to grow your business, and here you will learn why.

The Power of SEO

There are so many reasons why you should do SEO. We are an agency that ranks for very competitive keywords like SEO Utah or Utah marketing agency. By ranking for those keywords, we constantly generate more leads for our business.

Imagine you have a physical store that is in the middle of a street where 5000 people pass through every day, would you get any visitors? Of course. That is the power of getting free traffic.

The problem is that having a spot in a busy street is not easy, everybody want to put their store there. Is the same principle with SEO. You can rank for a keyword that has daily traffic, and by being in the first page of Google you can get free visitors to your site every single day.

People are Searching For Your Business

If you have a business or idea, chances are that people are already looking for. In fact 20% of daily searches on the internet are new searches that have never made before.

Google has estimates on how many searches a phrase has every single month. For example, if you are selling used cars on your website, Google will tell you that the phrase: "buy used cars online" has around 2900 searches every single month.

This is the amazing power of SEO. The benefits of search engine marketing are that people are already searching for your business.

When you run a Facebook ad, you are reaching people who are not looking for your business necessarily. On the other hand, with SEO you are visible with the content that match a search phrase.

For example if people search for "red shoes", and then you are ranking at the top of Google with a read shoes page, then you are matching what they are looking for.

For that reason, you can find what search phrases are the related to your business. After you find them, then you can optimized your page for those keywords and here is where SEO comes into place.

Increase Leads and Sales

Now getting traffic to your website is just the beginning. Like we mention before, SEO traffic is ultra targeting traffic from people looking for what you offer.

If can covert 3%, 12% or 20% of that traffic into leads and sales, now we are talking. That will build your business organically on an ongoing basis.

Generate Leads

You can use SEO to build a email list, when people came to your site and you offer them something for exchange of your their email. That way you build a email list of people who are in the market of your business or service.

Then you can have automated emails going out to your list promoting your products.

Direct Sales

You can direct sell to your customers by having promotions, discounts and other offers. Because you know you are getting SEO traffic, you can have a first time customer discount.

Make sure you have a strong call to action if you decided to sell directly in the page you are ranking for SEO. Also, make sure to install Google analytics to measure your conversion rate and constantly update and optimized that page to improve sales.


Remarketing is a powerful way to implement with your SEO strategy. You can install a pixel code from Google and Facebook, this pixel will record the data of users who visiting your site. Then, when they leave your page, you can follow them with an ad.

This is can very powerful because we know that takes multiple touching points to make a conversion. Traffic from SEO is warm traffic from people who already decided to look for something.

Then by hitting them with retargeting, you are being more relevant to establish multiple touching points, then you are more likely to generate a conversion or sale.

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