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DMR Stands For Digital Markering Results
That's What We do

At DMR Agency we have put together 7 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and thousands of amazing results, into a one proven marketing system that works all the time. We have tried and tested everything and we are ready to apply this to your business.

Website Funnel

Profitable Website Funnel

We architect and design the perfect user experience and funnel.

Website Traffic

High-Quality Traffic

We use AI tools to identify where your potential customers are. 

Make Money

More Sales

Next, we will focus on converting your traffic into leads and sales. 

Why Business Fail

Business Fail Because Lack of System

There are two primary reasons why business fail. One is that they run out of money too fast so they can't be profitable. The second reason is that they run out of time. Every business needs results in a specific time frame. 

We know that the biggest problem for most businesses today is to turn their efforts into profit quick enough and then, in a sustainable way, to scale and turn those results into actual numbers.

Marketing Testimonial

"Before I met with DMR my business was basically non-existent on Google. DMR was able to get me on Google Maps and appear at the top of the Google search through their SEO services. The amount of traffic my website gets now is a night and day difference from before!" - Mathew Roberts

We Consistently Turn Marketing Into Profits

Everything we do is based on results. It is part of our name and is who we are! All our efforts have the primary goal of constantly increasing your leads and sales. 

We understand how important your business is and how important it is to get a quick ROI. We have proven strategies that produce desired results for ourselves and for our clients.

Marketing Results

Real Results From Real Clients

DMR Agency Profitable Marketing Funnel

An 8-Step Proven Marketing System

Market Research

1. Research & Segmentation

We use advance tools to do market search. We identify potential audiences, analyzed competition and find segments to target your perfect customer

Target Audience

2. Create/Harvest Demand

After doing research we identify where your customer are, they are already searching for your product (harvest demand), or we need to find them (demand creation).


3. Positioning & Story Branding

We create a proven storybranding framework that will resonate with your customers and position your business as the authority in your market.

Funnel Automation

4. Funnel Creation & Design

We create and design a profitable marketing funnel. We will guide the traffic into conversion goals that will allows us to analyzed data and scale campaigns. 

Marketing Automation

5. Marketing Automation

After identifying the customer conversion path we'll find and implement all the tools that are going to allow us to automate your business 24/7.

Website Traffic

6. Traffic Generation

DMR Agency uses several traffic generation strategies to drive high-quality visitors to our website or funnel. We focus in organic, paid, social and native traffic.

Data Analysis

7. A/B Testing & Data Analysis

Our data analysis strategy is based on your customer conversion path. We analyze all the different data points and evaluate progress.


8. Scaling

By this point we'll have a profitable automated marketing funnel. We can then put more gasoline and scale your business as much as possible. 

"I will never start a company without partnering with somebody like DMR"

- Randy Larsen
Monavy Founder

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Marketing Services

Part of our 8-step proven system are the following marketing services.



We will walk you through our 7 step story-branding process.

Brand Messaging


We will create a brand-script that will define your message.

Web Design

Web Design

We will create a high-converting website that works.



Convert your business in a machine that produces results constantly.

Email Marketing


We will leverage the power of email marketing to automate your business.



We will drive organic traffic from people who are looking for your business.


Pay Per Click

We will amplify your traffic using advanced paid traffic strategies.

Social Media

Social Media

We will use the power of social media to create brand-equity and generate more sales.

Some of Our Clients

Here some of our happy clients that experience results with DMR.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Digital Marketing Agency


Organizing the information on our website in a succinct and logical way seemed like too overwhelming of a task. DMR took us through a fun and informative process to build our story. Now, our members and website users are in awe of the design, the textures, and the usability of our new site!

-Heather from Udeo


"DMR delivered a new up to date fresh exciting website with a clear message, better branding, and better images. It was a pleasure meeting and sitting down with Ian, Rodolfo and Megan on different occasions to discuss options and progress."

- Kerry Pipkin

The final product was simply perfect, it exceeded my expectations and matched exactly what I wanted my organization’s image to be.

- Karen from Screendance Forum

The biggest value of DMR is their focus on results. Each month we are getting more and more traffic thanks to their digital marketing strategies and optimization. They give us monthly reports of their progress so we see exactly what they were working on and where our money was being spent.

- Keith From Teton Valley Resort

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