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DMR A Growth Marketing Agency

A Ethic Way to Hack The Growth of Your Business in Just 30 Days

There is just one thing you should focus your efforts on during the first phase of your business and that is GROWTH. Click below now to get a free consultation and learn how we can grow your business in 30 days.

Why do 95% of Businesses Fail?

95% of all startups fail because they contract Delayed Launch Syndrome or DLS. They’re spending all their time and money doing the labor intensive tactical work, and by the time they’re ready to take their startup public there are no resources left to keep it going.

Growth Hacking Marketing

What is the the cure for DLS?

Most businesses simply don’t know what it takes to grow their assets. The cure for DLS is not more money or more time. The cure is using a Growth Agency to take you to launch, fast and easy.

Marketing Company

What You Really Need

Here’s how a Growth Agency makes the difference.

We get the tactical work done for you, allowing you to focus your resources on the big picture. Through the whole process, you are
the foreman, with complete access to all the assets we make for you along the way. We get you a finished brand, logo, and website,
launched and producing tangible value within 30 days.


Lift & Shift

The DMR Lift & Shift Process reduces the turnaround time for getting your startup to the launch phase.


Save Money

Get everything you need for your startup, start to finish, in one affordable package. DMR saves you tens of thousands of dollars and gets you started now.


Save Time

The DMR Lift & Shift Process reduces the turnaround time for getting your startup to the launch phase.

Our Growth Process

Growth Hacking


Meet with our team of experts online or in person, and formulate the plan that will work best for your particular needs.



DMR develops the logo, company branding, and website quickly, efficiently,
and all at once, providing a one-stop shop for start-ups. No more waiting, no more crazy expenses.


Assets Creation

Your website and company systems will be set up to run like a well-oiled machine, giving you a streamlined brand that could run all on its own. No more sleepless nights managing invoices.



For the final stage, we’ll test, measure, and revise according to your directions, getting you past your fears of launching and into the market place. We get your startup to the Launch Phase faster than any other branding process there is.

Phase 1

The Building Process

  • Analysis

  • Strategy

  • Story

  • Branding

  • Assets Creation

  • Web Creation

Phase 2

Launch Formula

  • Analytics and Tracking

  • Lead Magnet creation

  • Funnel Creation

  • Automation

  • A/B Test

  • Launch



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