Sample diagram of website internal linking structure

Why Use Yoast’s Nifty New Internal Linking Tool?

Sample diagram of website internal linking structure

Earlier this month, Yoast released their new internal linking tool for premium users.

Yoast, like buttered toast, can be yummy when not overly stale. That’s why I love when they announce new features.

I’ve actually used All in One SEO more than Yoast, but since many of my clients use Yoast I figured I should learn it and use it too. So I did and I do. And I’ve got to say that I think this new tool is a great idea.

It’s important to note that internal linking isn’t too difficult to do manually, especially if you have a small site. But when you start to accumulate a bunch of pages and posts, it becomes difficult to remember all the content you actually have. And that means you might miss internal-linking opportunities.

But why use internal links at all?

There are SEO reasons related to establishing context and relevance (internal links are a ranking factor), but my favorite reason has to do with user experience.

When you write a blog post about something and don’t want to go into great detail about a relevant topic you’ve already written about on another blog post within the same domain, using an internal link will help your readers easily navigate to the other blog post without having to search through your website.

You want your reader to stay and read more than one post, but because internal linking takes some planning and a little bit of time to execute, a lot of people either don’t do it at all or do it in a less-effective way.

Yoast comes in to try to save the day.

Yoast will now show you (in one place via their internal linking tool) all the related posts that you can link to. And it makes reviewing the content the proposed link takes you to easy (simply click and read in a new tab) and makes adding the link to the anchor text easy, too.

Here’s a short tutorial video that really makes it clear:


In short, using this new tool will help you give your readers a better experience and it will improve your site’s overall structure by helping establish the context and relevance of your content. Both of these things will benefit your rankings, either directly or indirectly.

It looks like Yoast tried to make this as simple as possible, so I think it’s going to be easy for you to use.

That’s great news!

Need help with your internal linking? Let us know about your project!

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