Crowd Fund Your Project in 24 Hours

Whether you know it or not, you’re an entrepreneur. And chances are you’ve got a great idea that would make tons of money, but you just don’t have the resources to make it a reality. Crowdfunding is what many entrepreneurs use to build the capital they need to start their projects, but sadly there’s so many projects out there that many go unnoticed by the world. How can you get your project at the top of the lists? Let me tell you.


1. Perfect Your Message. This doesn’t mean you need a perfect message. It just means you need to know what you’re offering and how you plan to use the money you get for your project. When you know your project and have spent the time to get clear on what you’re asking donors to do online, you increase your success rate with crowdfunding exponentially. Wil Schroter, brilliant mind behind the crowdfunding site Fundable, said, “The most important aspect of explaining your product isn’t around the benefits, it’s around the problem it solves.” Take time to get clear on what you’re selling, beyond just your product. Tell your investors the story behind what you’re doing and they will be more likely to invest their hard earned money with you.



2. Determine How Much You Need. Knowing the amount of money you need to manage your project shows your potential investors that you’re not messing around. If you project your numbers too low, then your project will run out of steam when you need it most. Put the number too high, and you’ll discourage investors with the fear that the amount is unreachable. Put your funding goals into different phases to show your investors how you’re planning to use the money you get for your project. Do your duty to research your projected expenses and you’re investors will do their duty to support you.



3. Run a Pre Launch Campaign. Waiting to raise awareness until you’ve begun your campaign on a crowdfunding site is like putting all your eggs in one basket. In a nutshell, don’t do that. Start raising awareness weeks or months before you pull the trigger on your crowdfunding campaign. This will ensure that you build the hype you need to get your campaign on the map. The more people who know about your project, the more people can donate to it.  When it comes to giving money to a crowdfunding project, you’re up against some serious psychological barriers in people’s minds. To get past those, you’ll want to be able to account for at least 20% of your overall crowdfunded goal before you even launch the campaign so no one has to get passed the feeling of not wanting to be the first donor.



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