7 Reasons Your Business is Struggling

If you’re a business owner you know how hard it can be to get things moving in a positive direction. From cash troubles to issues with growth, you do your best and still end up short of the goals you’re trying to reach. There’s a way to solve this frustrating puzzle, and it’s simpler than you think. Here are 7 reasons you’re struggling to get your business going.


1. Money Trouble. Getting enough money to accomplish your goals can be difficult. Going through the branding process, getting a logo and a good, functional website can run you as much as $60,000—you have to work with so many different companies to get it done. Managing expenses for your brick and mortar store can be a pain, and even just running an online presence can add up the cost if you’re working with a team to get it going. You can dodge all the hassle and heavy expenses by using a Growth Agency as opposed to going through the branding process. DMR Agency can create your brand, logo, webpage and web copy in just 30 days.


2. Reaching Customers. Obtaining a customer base can be difficult even when you know what you’ve got is something they need or want. It can cost tens of thousands to hire an advertiser to reach your market segment, and that’s something a startup business may not have, or at least shouldn’t have to spend. There are better ways to reach your market segment than forking over tons of cash to maybe get someone’s attention with a commercial. Growth Agencies know how to use micro-influencers, or social media figureheads with audiences of anywhere from 10,000 to in the millions of viewers. Get a micro influencer to support your product or service, and you can reach thousands of customers with very little investment.


3. Staying Relevant. A very real issue that most businesses face is staying relevant against the dynamic market. If your competitors find a way to offer what you provide faster, easier, or cheaper, you could stand to lose your customers. This can happen to businesses even when the brand they offer is strong—simply because many people are looking for convenience. To maintain your loyal customers, you need to improve what you have, not constantly work on new ideas or products. When you use a Growth Agency instead of going through the difficult branding process, you not only save money so you can focus on what you do best, but you also get a web platform that you can easily manage and update as you improve, keeping you relevant on a budget.


4. Cost of Marketing. Running an effective marketing campaign can cost you anywhere between $4,000 to $7,000 dollars a month. That can be daunting for a new startup; how can you compete with big businesses when it would take all you have just to market your idea? That money could be better used elsewhere. You don’t need an elaborate marketing strategy. You need real growth, real fast, so you can establish your business in your segment before your precious investment is dried up. DMR Agency can prepare you for reaching your market segment in one month with a single, easy payment.



5. Social Media. To compete in today’s market means you need to spread your business through multiple social media channels. It can be a hassle to have to manage multiple accounts at once, and even more of one to try and find someone to manage them for you. Social media is essential, though, so you won’t want to skip out on this important step. What you can do to mitigate your expenses is automate your social media presence. This is simple and easy to do, and DMR can help you do it, quickly and efficiently.



6. Education. You don’t need a college degree to start a business, but you do need an understanding of how a business works. There are many ways to get this education, from universities to free online resources. So far as other hurdles to getting your startup off the ground, this one is easier to manage on your own—but instead of just spending months preparing and researching, you can get assistance from someone who knows what it takes to build a top notch business. Invest wisely on this process, and select an agency that will give you the most bang for your buck.




7. Slow Growth. 95% of all startups fail in the first 30 days due to focusing their resources in the wrong places. Making an amazing product or an incredible service won’t make you any money unless you’re growing your reach as a business. The best place to focus your resources is on growth, and that means finding a team that can get it done fast and efficiently. That’s where DMR comes in. DMR is the one-stop-shop for startups, providing the branding, web page development, and automation for a one time fee, setting you up for success in just 30 days.

DMR does the tactical work for you, removing the hassle of going through agency after agency to get your startup ready to meet demand. In just 30 days, your startup business can be ready to roll, complete with a brand, logo, and website. Interested in getting started? Get your free consultation now.

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