6 High Demand Crowdfunding Products

You can learn a lot about what works on crowdfunding by learning from successful campaigns. We’ve gathered together some of the best campaigns from sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to help you discover what works for making bank through crowdfunding.


1. Flow Hive. Checking in at just over 13 million dollars from backers, the Flow Hive delivered what it’s backers wanted: a chance to connect with nature and produce their own foodstuffs. That’s what made it so appealing to people; the project managers observed a need and responded to it. The current mood of society is one of self sustenance, and owning a beehive that’s easy to use filled that need well. As you can see with this Indiegogo campaign, it wasn’t so much the beehive people fell in love with, but the passion and mission of the people making it.   



2. Amabrush. The Amabrush project made millions for one simple reason: it provided a simple, desirable solution to something everyone has to do everyday. By finding an everyday problem and providing a clever solution you can increase your likelihood of people falling in love with your product. From what you can see with Amabrush as well, you don’t have to have a finished product to start running your idea. Put your idea out there, let people fund you, and then use that money to make it a reality. It’s that simple.




3. OSSIC X. You’d think headphones would be an item that’s been done so much that no one would be interested in one right? Wrong. Consistently headphones have raked in millions by simply providing a superior sound, unique design, or a great story behind it. What this shows you is that even when crowdfunding something you may consider ordinary, you can still make it big. The trick is to present it in a new, different way that makes your backers feel like buying it makes them a part of something bigger.



4. The 7th Continent. Tabletop games tend to do pretty well in crowdfunding, but only when they’re presented with a good story behind it. Games do best when you present them as chances to connect with others, feelings of nostalgia, and great, memorable experiences. Remember, when it comes to crowdfunding, you’re good to start even if you’ve just got a good idea. Present your passion for your project, and people will be more likely to back it.



5. Coolest Cooler. You probably saw this on social media, because it raised 13 million crazy fast. Plus, their video showed all the great experiences you could have with their product. What’s more, they were able to showcase that they already had a finished version, not just a concept or a design. Having a finished product makes presenting and sharing about it much easier. And it really is quite cool!




6. Pebble Time. Watches tend to do pretty well on crowdfunding sites, and Pebble Time is a great example—bringing in over 20 million dollars. Showing off a sleek design, clear display, and other great promises, people couldn’t resist. Reviews of the final product were mixed, and some people were pretty upset. It’s important to keep your promises real so you don’t inflate the expectations of your backers, otherwise you’ll face the wrath of negative reviews. Those can kill your project real fast. 


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