5 Things You Should Know About Marketing

Marketing isn’t just about the websites or the leads. It’s everything it takes to make your business a business, from your unique logo to your overall look and feel as a brand. Most businesses have to go through a series of agencies to get the marketing design they’re looking for. You don’t have to. DMR Agency is a one stop shop for marketing, taking care of all your needs in house with an elite team dedicated to making your business just right the first time. Here’s a few processes we use that you can apply as well for making your business shine like a tin penny.


1. Asset Management. When your web page and business is built around a solid framework, your brand has a better chance to reach your market segment. It can be difficult to set up at first, but when you get everything in order from the beginning you are more likely to succeed in the long run. You can take the edge off this difficult but important step by hiring a team to manage the behind the scenes for you, and set it up so it runs on its own. DMR Agency specifically bases its efforts around doing just this for startups all over the world.



2. Use Time Wisely. Resource management is critical for a startup. Time and money are your biggest resources; doing it yourself can save you money, but it will really cost you a lot of time to learn all the techniques you need to get your startup from the idea stage to launch, sometimes even years. That loss of time is something you can’t make up on your own.



3. Consider What Your Agency Needs Are. Agencies have the skills you need to get all the technical work done for your startup (like branding, logos, and website design) which means you’re saving time; however, you’re taking a pretty big loss on the money side of your resources with many of the options out there. The traditional branding process can take up to 6 months, and can cost you $60,000. Yikes!



4. Take Your Ego Out of it. It can be hard to remove your emotional attachments to a project that you hatched yourself. However, it’s important for you to take a step back and see things as they really are, not how you wish they were. Taking your ego out of the equation allows you to see more easily where potential issues could crop up in your business model.


5. Use The 3 P’s. Television host Marcus Lemonis from “The Profit” often refers to this technique, and he makes a good point. Organize your marketing direction around the three P’s: process, people and product. If you design your startup to flow and operate well with this principle of having a streamlined process, good team members and honest clients, and a product or service you know is good, then you’re more likely to have a successful business.

You need good marketing strategies to dig in and survive as a business. That’s why DMR does the tactical work for you, removing the hassle of going through agency after agency to get your idea ready to meet demand. We can get your whole project done just 30 days (SEO, brand, logo, the works!) or you can choose the precise marketing need you want and get it done, lickity split. Either way it’ll be tailored to your specific needs. Interested in getting started? Get your free consultation now.

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