5 Steps to Master Your Marketing Problem

For your business to stand out you need to position yourself with marketing. There’s a formula to marketing that many businesses use for success, and it’s easier than you think. By employing these 5 steps for your own business, you can start moving forward with a marketing platform that will really define you as a company.


1. Take Your Ego Out of it. It can be hard to remove your emotional attachments to a project that you hatched yourself. However, it’s important for you to take a step back and see things as they really are, not how you wish they were. Taking your ego out of the equation allows you to see more easily where potential issues could crop up in your business model.

2. Practice Good Communication. Whether you’re working on your own or you’ve formed a team in your startup, you’re going to be working with other people. They’ll either be your employees or your clients, but you need to communicate clearly and often with them if you want to avoid unnecessary complications. Studies have shown that good communication increases productivity, and being productive is what you need when you’re starting up.

Search Engine Optimization

3. Use SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a sure way to bring in the traffic. If you’re not using it, you’re losing people who otherwise would use your services. 82% of those who’ve started using SEO for their websites reported increases in business, with 42% of those reporting significant increases. Your website is meant to be a portal for building your brand and gaining new interest from the public. Without SEO, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach the community who would love what you have to offer.

4. Connect With Your Customers. Customers and clients will only buy from a company that they feel they can trust. No matter how good your product or service may be, if you don’t weave a story that allows your clients to connect with you on an emotional or intellectual level, you won’t make the vital connection needed to ensure they’re a repeat customer. Author and business coach Jonathan Sprinkles said of connection, “This is the substance of customer loyalty and business profitability: people choosing to do business with the people they like and to whom they feel connected. Those who are weak in this area can be technically better than their competition, but they will lose to them every time.”

5. Run Targeted Ads. Targeted ads work by selecting the region and demographic you want to advertise to. This way, you can increase your clients by adjusting your traffic to be those people who would be most interested in what you have to offer. Targeted ads can be run through Google and Facebook, and they can reach hundreds of millions of internet users at your command. However, running these kinds of ads can cost anywhere from a few hundred bucks per click to just a few pennies. To get the most out of your targeted ad operation, you’re going to want assistance from a team who knows the ins and outs of online ad campaigns.



You need good marketing strategies to dig in and survive as a business. That’s why DMR does the tactical work for you, removing the hassle of going through agency after agency to get your idea ready to meet demand. We can get your whole project done just 30 days (SEO, brand, logo, the works!) or you can choose the precise marketing need you want and get it done, lickity split. Either way it’ll be tailored to your specific needs. Interested in getting started? Get your free consultation now.

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