5 Reasons You Need SEO Right Now

Search Engine Optimization for your website can increase your overall business reach by 500%. And that’s not the half of it. Get your business booming with the power of SEO! Here’s the top X reasons you need to use SEO for your business right now.


1. Increased Credibility. If your business ranks first on a google search, you’re perceived value goes through the roof. Potential clients are looking for the best in the business to do their work or provide their product, and ranking #1 is one of the best ways to catch people psychologically and convince them you are the best.



2. Better than Conventional Ads. Creating an online presence has a greater reach, is more appealing to customers, and allows you to target specific clientele by the thousands. While a billboards or mailers can get you in front of people, there’s no way to target your audience specifically enough to ensure a decent return on your investment. If you want to grow your business and make it a real competing member of the business community, increasing your advertising reach through SEO is the way to go, hands down.



3. Your Competitors Are Already Doing It. It’s just statistics. One industry report showed that over 80% of the surveyed businesses were already using SEO and social media channels to increase their business. What’s more, 82% of those who’ve started using SEO reported big increases in business, with 42% of those reporting significant increases. Take control of your market segment by getting some skin in the game.

Search Engine Optimization



4. Stand Out From the Sites That Don’t SEO. While many companies are now using SEO, enough of them in the local area aren’t to let you pull ahead. People frequently google search for local businesses, and the ones that have a strong search engine optimization will come up first on the search, gaining those local customers you need to become a staple in the community.



5. SEO is Permanent. Where other ads eventually have to be renewed or paid for on a monthly basis, SEO is a one and done kind of deal. Once it’s made, it’s made for life, and that’s good advertising. The more you put into your SEO profile, the more business you’re going to gain from it. More business means more money in your pocket; couple that with the fact that building your SEO profile is cheaper than other forms of advertising, you’re in business!



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