3 Important Facts About Branding

Making your brand stand out takes the knowhow to make it work. Where do you start? What does it take to become a staple company in your customers lives? It’s simpler than you think: it’s about having a story in your branding. If you want to build a story for your brand, click here. But if you want more details first, here’s 3 facts you can use to make your brand stand out.




1. Positioning. Positioning helps you move your clients from just knowing about you to buying from you.  To find out how you should position yourself, you need to remember that you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a story. What are your customers getting from you that they can’t get anywhere else? It’s not your product because other people are already selling what you sell. Focus on one aspect of your company that none or few of your competitors have talked about, whether that’s the manufacturing process, the pattern you follow to deliver your service, or something else all together, build a story around it and sell that story. Studies have shown that the majority of people today aren’t as interested in buying a company’s product as they are in buying it’s story.




2. Connection. Customers and clients will only buy from a company that they feel they can trust. No matter how good your product or service may be, if you don’t weave a story that allows your clients to connect with you on an emotional or intellectual level, you won’t make the vital connection needed to ensure they’re a repeat customer. Author and business coach Jonathan Sprinkles said of connection, “This is the substance of customer loyalty and business profitability: people choosing to do business with the people they like and to whom they feel connected. Those who are weak in this area can be technically better than their competition, but they will lose to them every time.”




3. Philosophy. Instead of setting your product or service up as the cheapest or most affordable, you should be thinking about it in terms of what need your product fulfills for your customers. By creating a philosophy of fulfillment through your company’s offering, you reach into the mind of potential clients and tell them subconsciously that you are what they’ve been missing. You fill the void that existed in them and they are happy to have you in their lives. This, again, is accomplished through how you position and connect your story to your clients needs. Philosophy is all about filling needs and wants. Take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and determine where your business falls on that scale; then, build your story around how you fill that need.


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