3 Easy Ways to Get Clients Faster

No business makes it without getting clients or customers. Chances are, though, that you’re startup or business isn’t getting the volume of people looking to buy that it needs to see real growth. What you need isn’t better pamphlets, it’s better presence. Here’s how it works.


Search Engine Optimization1. Use SEO. Search Engine Optimization is extremely important if you want your business to attract attention through the internet. The internet puts you into connection with literally everyone around the world, so it’s your biggest market. Use it! Apply keywords in the right places to ensure your website and landing pages are easily searchable. Get your site on the first page of searches by using this method.




2. Run Targeted Ads. Targeted ads work by selecting the region and demographic you want to advertise to. This way, you can increase your clients by adjusting your traffic to be those people who would be most interested in what you have to offer. Targeted ads can be run through Google and Facebook, and they can reach hundreds of millions of internet users at your command. However, running these kinds of ads can cost anywhere from a few hundred bucks per click to just a few pennies. To get the most out of your targeted ad operation, you’re going to want assistance from a team who knows the ins and outs of online ad campaigns.



3. Generate Leads. When you’re looking to make new clients, leads are what get you there. No matter how good your SEO or online ads are, if you’re not gathering people’s information then you won’t convert them into a client. Make it enticing for your potential customers to click that ‘free consultation’ button, or whatever it is you’re offering. Instead of drowning them in details, give them your one key phrase that peaks their interest, like 24 hour delivery time, or by offering a free product or ebook if they fill out the form. Whatever you do, be sure you’re getting their contact information so you can reach out to them and convert them into paying customers.


Ultimately you’re trying to make your startup the best in its field. To get the kind of success you’re looking for with your startup, you need help from a good team. DMR does the tactical work for you, removing the hassle of going through agency after agency to get your startup ready to meet demand. In just 30 days, your startup business can be ready to roll, complete with a brand, logo, and website. Interested in getting started? Get your free consultation now.

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